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Customs agent
We provide customers with professional customs clearance services
1. Strict review procedure and system
2. Professional customs declarer
3. Rich experience, etc
4. Fast customs clearance and cost saving in port
5, to meet your fast, good, provincial needs
Insurance agent
We have established long-term cooperative partnership with major insurance companies. Provided customers with insurance consulting, insurance, reporting, on-site handling of accidents and claims, and other integrated transport insurance services
We offer you the following sales service:
1. international express delivery business . We mainly with the Hong Kong Shenzhen FedEX , UPS , DHL , long-term cooperation in international express business, take advantage of our increasingly sophisticated distribution network and will require quick and safe and timely delivery of goods around the country, around the world.
2. Russian line. through continuous exploration of trade between China and Russia characteristics, for the majority of companies have developed a Chinese-pass to Russia's transport, customs clearance, delivery logistics channels to solve the problem of Sino-Russian trade. In the era of e-commerce trade is increasingly becoming the theme of today, the company again through innovation, set up an e-commerce logistics solutions in order to build a team, opened China to the Russian e-commerce logistics and transport channels, covering the whole territory of Russia.
3. international and domestic air services . We mainly with China Southern Airlines, China Eastern, Air China's three major airlines and international visibility airlines, offers international and domestic air transport operations. For bulk goods, we will be possible for you to save costs and ensure high-quality services, international network in major cities all over the world, regardless of your goods to Southeast Asia, North America, Europe or Africa, the Middle East, we can provide you provide the best service. A group of professional hot air pillow waiting for sales staff around the clock, at any time according to your requirements to provide the best route design and offer solutions!
4. RTHK green business . We primarily use Bai matter of International Freight Co., Ltd. self hotline, Hong Kong, Taiwan express and air operations, and provides a range to pay, collection payment and other value added services.
5. import shipment business . By Hong Kong and Taiwan to the mainland companies, factories imported production materials and other products necessary to facilitate Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and other foreign companies and overseas customers commerce and trade, as mainland enterprises to expand overseas markets to provide convenient conditions.
6. in the transport business . The company has many years of Taichung Port of transport vehicles and two large cargo transportation experience for companies and factories in Hong Kong to provide trucking services, container transportation business in Hong Kong as well as bulk cargo, tons of vehicles, outsourcing, interlock, and other modes of transport services .
7. agent import and export customs declaration, inspection services : Bai matter of international Freight Co., Ltd. According to the diverse needs of modern logistics, providing customers with general cargo customs clearance, trucking, container trailers and other characteristics, personalized logistics services: Acting general trade customs declaration, transit and other services, combined with Division I since established cross-border customs clearance resources so that business can be a single general cargo customs clearance of small and can help customers to save operating costs.
8. maritime business : Bai matter of International Freight Co., Ltd. shipping business through the efforts of all my colleagues have been gradually maturing, we are now with a number of well-known shipping companies have close cooperation with the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Europe, the Mediterranean, Southeast Asia and many other advantages route. With sophisticated sales operation level, Bai matter will be your best choice!
you choose Bai matter of International Freight Reasons REASON
one, our services
Services : Shenzhen ---- the country, Hong Kong ---- World
Service Standards : safe, fast, accurate and convenient
spirit of service : quality, efficiency, integrity, win-win
service values ​​
business concept : market-oriented, customer-centric
service concept : commitment to you, we must do it.
Management View : people-oriented, institutional career, the brand leader, the scale of development
Talent : Let every employee's dignity and rights are respected talents into full play; allow enterprises to become self-realization of each employee, the pursuit of excellence on the stage.
two, our advantage
1. market network advantage
2. logistics information platform edge
3. industry operating experience advantage
4. independence declaration, in the transport, Hong Kong transit advantage
operating schedule OPERATION TIME
a Hong Kong member, International Parts outlet
(a) issued three Shenzhen to Hong Kong daily service :
(including customs clearance time following times is normal hours of operation, special circumstances the company will notify the customer first time)
1. timing of the first /early bus; 10:00 13:00 departure to Hong Kong.
2. second class /middle bus: 3:00 pm departure to Hong Kong time 18:00.
3. third shift /night shift car: 11:00 pm departure to Hong Kong time 02:00.
4. Saturdays and Sundays for the holidays, but we were in daily additional shuttle.
(two) to Hong Kong after the operation : (in Hong Kong around the world express transit operation)
1. Hong Kong: The first shuttle will be delivered in the afternoon: the second, third shuttle the next morning delivery.
2. other areas: first bus transit in the afternoon, the second and third bus transit in the evening or the next morning.
3. the Company in Hong Kong and FedEX, DHL, UPS, as well as several large international courier companies have close cooperative relations, so the Company will that several large international courier company dedicated area and the green area of ​​the advantages of the company to carry cargoes. ,
two, Taiwanese parts exports
(a) issued two daily weekday shuttle :
(less time includes customs clearance time, is a normal operation time, the special circumstances of the company subject to the notice)
1. First flight: Noon 14:30 takeoff, Taiwan 21:30.
2. second flight: 11:30 pm takeoff, Taiwan 06:30.
3. Fridays and Sundays only shift, Saturday evening.
(two) to Taiwan operation . Timing of the first delivery in the morning of the next day matters, the second class will be scheduled for the afternoon the next day delivery.
three, Hong Kong and Taiwan import
(a) Hong Kong imported parts . General cargo imports in: Hong Kong Cut-off time: 18:00, 3:00 distribution center in Shenzhen, the day of delivery arrangements; special goods, import time 2-5 days.
(two) Taiwan imported parts . General cargo imports: Taiwanese ship that evening, the next night or early morning arrival of the third day, the third day or afternoon sending pieces. Special cargo aging not sure.
ATA单证册制度适用的货物是"暂时进口货物",不是贸易标的货物。贸易性质的货物,无论是进出口、来料加工、三来一补还是易货贸易等其他贸易方式货物,都不适用于ATA单证册。广义上讲,ATA单证册制度可以适用于任何货物,包括伊斯坦布尔公约附约(附约A和C除外)中规定的货物以及将来新增附约中的货物。狭义上讲,针对某一个实施ATA单证册制度的国家或地区而言, 该国或地区ATA单证册制度的适用范围指的是该国或地区作为进口方时接受的ATA单证册项下货物的范围。
1. 在各类国际博览会、交易会、展览会、国际会议及类似活动上陈列或使用的物品;
2. 以寻求境外供货订单为目的向客户展示或演示的商业样品;
3. 各类专业人员使用的专业设备,例如赴境外报道、录制节目、摄制影片所需的出版、音像广播、摄影设备;赴境外安装、调试机器所需的各种测量仪器;医务人员所需的医疗器械;演员、乐团、剧团所需的演出服装、道具等;
4. 用于货物内外包裹、或用于货物卷绕、系缚及其他目的已经使用或准备使用的包装物品;
5. 海员在履行海上任务时使用的物品,包括文化、体育、休养、宗教或体育活动的用品;
6. 用于科学研究和教育的的仪器装置、设备及其配件等;
7. 用于教学或职业培训的各种设置、仪器、设备及其零配件等;
8. 各类私人车辆;
9. 私用航空器和游艇;
10. 各种促进旅游的宣传物品、小礼品、音像制品等;
11. 货运集装箱;
12. 各类商用车辆。
■ 空运出口业务范围
■ 空运出口操作流程
3、 订舱
■ 空运出口注意事项
1. 由于海关调查部门对某票货物有质疑,而造成货物不能运输;由于气候原因,飞机需要临时增加油料的载量,而导致飞机起飞以及落地重量超载,而导致拉下货物,控制载量。
2. 货物外包装应符合国际运输标准,货物不能裸露。
3. 超大件、超重(毛重≥60kgs)要提前告知货运代理人,协助打好托盘,以便叉车的使用。

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  • 内陆运输 inland transportation
  • 外贸代理 Inland Transportation
  • 进出口报关Customs Declaration
  • 国际空运海运 International Air &Sea Freights
  • 提供全球100多个国家门到门服务、报关、租船服务


无论您的货物出口到哪里,也无论您从哪个国家采购,四角货代一定能为您规划并实施经济、快捷、安全、高效的物流服务。部份国家港口可提供集装箱、散货的“门到门” 运输,凭借强大的系统网络,为客户提供进出口货物的一次托运,一票到底的国际多式联运服务。航线齐全、班期频密、运价合理。

  1. 散杂货、仓储、拖车、报关、代理转关、清关、商检等一条龙运输服务
  2. 承接出口和进口订舱、整箱FCL、拼箱LCL
  3. 公路运输和驳船运输(CIF、FOB、DDU、DDP、EXW)
  4. 代理多家国际航空公司的业务,航线涵盖全球各重要空港或城市
  5. 公司主要以国际空运为主,公司具有国际进出口货物的一级代理资质


具体业务包涵:海运订舱,卸货装箱,拖车运输,仓储分拨,进出口报关,代报商品检验,熏蒸等。司目前的优势航线分别为:欧洲航线(包括欧洲基本港,地东,地西,黑海);东南亚-中东,印巴航线;中南美航线 包括:进出口整箱、进出口拼箱对进出口业务可以为您提供进口通关、运输的服务为延伸公司的服务及优化整合公司资源,广州深圳那家货代好? 找4角海运是最好的。

我司长期操作危险品及一般化工品订舱,为客户的空海运进出口、仓储、递送等综合服务需求提供有竞争力的解决方案。 散货拼箱业务,覆盖全球300个港口降低成本,减少支出,为客人带来更大的经济效益。

欧洲、地中海航线、中东航线、澳洲航线、东南亚航线、非洲航线、北美航线、中南美航线。提供订舱、仓储货物转运和拆拼箱、报关、报检、运输保险、代购产品、货物熏蒸等相关业务。 。





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